6 Reasons why you should self-build

Fed up traipsing in and out of estate agents and attending house viewings that leave you feeling as though you’ll never find your perfect home? Then self-build could be the best option for you! Each year more and more people are deciding to build their own home, proving self-build is becoming a more feasible and manageable option for many. Read on to discover the six main reasons why you should choose to self-build.

More available support

Self-build has become more achievable as many self-help guides and schemes have become widely available to the public. With the demand for housing on the increase, more support is being offered to help encourage self-builders. The Government have come up with many new initiatives to make it easier and more achievable for people to self-build. Also, more loans are being made available so funding a self-build is challenging. Later this year “The Highland Self Build Loan Fund” will be  launched across Scotland. –

A House to suit your lifestyle

When looking to buy a new home, the list of requirements is usually long and normally unnegotiable for purchasers. When attending viewings of houses that don’t meet many of your specifications this can often leave you feeling disheartened about finding a home that meets your needs. With self-build you can design your own home so that it meets all your wants and desires. Through this process you can choose how much you want be involved at each stage of the build. You can come up with the full design yourself or part-design the house of your dreams alongside an architect – either way you can be part of a house creation that suits your lifestyle seamlessly.

Location Location Location

When looking to re-locate it is often difficult to find an area which matches the image in your head. You want your house to be on a clean street that provides a stunning view and has a big garden. With self-build, it allows you more freedom when choosing the location of your new home. Although you must make sure when buying a plot that you will be granted planning permission for the house design of your choosing. With this freedom, your surroundings could be equally as beautiful as your new home, which may be less possible when buying a ready built home.

Save money in the long run

Whilst self-build is generally a less expensive way to create your new home, it can also save you money in the long run. Any new home has to comply with the building regulations which include specifics on the thermal efficiency. U-values are a measure this thermal efficiency and many speculatively built homes meet these standards and no more. By building your own home you can exceed these standards.  This helps makes your home more energy efficient which in turn results in lower energy bills in the future.

Quality assured

Through building your own home you can ensure it is of the highest quality you can afford. It can not only meet current building requirements but can exceed these and make sure your home is futureproof. As your home has been built from scratch all the materials used would be latest and best available, within your budget, and shouldn’t need replacing for a long time. With quality comes reliability so you can be sure your house will still be standing proud for many years to come and more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When designing your own home it becomes unique and unlike any other. Your home, will suit just your specific needs – designed exclusively for you. Your completed build will also give you a great sense of achievement and satisfaction which you may not feel when just buying a pre-built house on the market. You get to watch your own ideas come to life when self-building which will give you a great sense of pride when the build is complete.

With a lot more support and encouragement for self-build, now is the time to be part of it. Take advantage of the loans available and build yourself a stunning new home. Self-build allows you to be in control of so many aspects such as the design, location and the quality of your new home, something which is not possible when buying an existing property. Also through self-build you can ensure you are building a better quality, more energy efficient home. Start your self-build journey now and your dream home can become more of a reality.