Armadale Hall

Name- Armadale Village Hall

Site/location- Armadale, Near Thurso

Year of build- 2020

Architect/Designer – Macdonald Associates

Main contractor- Norbloc

Total floor area- 197 M2

Total build cost (excluding vat and land) – £405,000

Cost per M2- £2055

The Armadale Committee’s original plan was to refurbish the existing village hall, which was looking a ‘bit sorry for itself after a lack of maintenance.’  However, they soon discovered the only thing holding the main hall floor up was bits of wood and rocks (pictured below) so were advised they would need to take it down completely and start from scratch.  The design was an adaptation of the original plan (to build a frame over the existing hall to extend it)

The committee’s favourite part of the project are the exposed roof trusses in the main hall.  They were deliberately designed to replicate the ones in the original building and paired with fisherman-style pendant lamps they give us a nostalgic period feel in what is otherwise a very modern building and it’s a lovely nod back to the old hall.

You can learn more about the Armadale Hall on their  Facebook page

Video courtesy of Armadale Hall Committee – Joyce Campbell