Benefits of Timber Frame Kit Homes

Benefits of Timber Frame Kit Homes

Timber frame kits are one of the most popular methods of construction in the UK, in particular Scotland. Timber frame kit construction allures many self-builders with the benefits it comes with. Read on to find out what the advantages of using this building method are.

Speed of Construction

As timber frame kit homes are constructed offsite, in factory conditions, this means a lot of the work is already completed before the kit gets to site which helps reduce project time scales. As a result, this ensures savings are made at the erection stage as trades people will need to be employed for a shorter period of time. The time spent on construction is also reduced as timber frame kit construction is a dry method. This ensures there is no delays due to bad weather, which can occur with on-site construction methods. With dry construction methods this means once the build is weather sealed, decoration of the interior may commence as there is no drying out period required – again speeding up the process of construction.

Quality Assurance

Timber is a very strong and durable material and timber frame kits have been known to last for centuries. As the timber frame components are prepared using computer controlled machinery they are dimensionally more accurate resulting in a better quality build when erected. Also, timber is more energy efficient than other construction materials and has far better insulating attributes – which helps contribute to the overall quality of a timber frame kit. 85% of timber frame manufacturers (including Norscot) are part of the Structural Timber Association (STA). The STA aims to promote the highest level of standards through their members which ensures they are achieving highest levels of quality across the industry. Ensure your timber frame provider is a member of STA and quality is guaranteed.

Energy Efficiency

Timber frame is hands down the most eco-friendly method of construction. Timber frame houses are known to heat up and cool down more quickly than other house types and timber is a natural insulator of heat. This means that it takes far less energy to maintain the desired temperature in a timber frame home. Also, a timber frame home has exceptionally low U-Values which ensures superior thermal efficiency. Norscot timber frame kits are more energy efficient than current Building Standards demand which means they are futureproofed. There is also less energy needed to construct timber kits than other methods of building.

Flexible Design

Timber kits can vary hugely in their design. They can be produced in a traditional composition or in a more contemporary bespoke form. Timber as a material is very adaptable meaning it can be shaped and modified in a variety of ways, making it perfect for design purposes. The strength of the material ensures it has very good structural properties which also allows – flexibility during the design process.

More Predictable

As timber frame kits are prefabricated off-site they are a more reliable form of construction. Housebuilding often involves trades such as electricians who cannot start their work until the exterior of the house is protected from the weather. With timber frame kits quick erection time, this means these trades can begin earlier than with other housebuilding methods such as brick and mortar. As timber frame construction is a controlled process the materials needed can be readily calculated before manufacture, meaning the price will be determined right at the start and shouldn’t change throughout. Timber frame construction guarantees high levels of accuracy therefore there shouldn’t be any major problems at the erection stage making it a more dependable method of construction.


Timber frame kits are produced to ensure as little waste as possible. Timber is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. For every tree cut down, a similar tree is planted, ensuring an endless supply. As previously mentioned timber frame kit production demands high levels of accuracy which in turn means less waste is produced. The waste produced by timber frame kit production can be reused as fuel in wood-burning boilers – which Norscot use to heat their factory and offices. Timber is a carbon neutral material so it is not harmful to the environment. Used as a cladding material timber is also fairly easy and cheap to maintain, especially if the colour change over time does not bother you.

It is clear that timber frame kits come with many advantages compared with other methods of construction – to arrange your free timber frame kit home consultation today, call us on 01955 641303.