Our Design Services

Our dedicated team of professionals is passionate about bringing your vision to life, whether you’re enhancing your current space with replacement windows and doors or building a new home. 

From made-to-measure window and door designs to full-scale architectural planning for self-builder; we combine modern technology with personalised attention to detail to ensure your project exceeds expectations. Discover how our design services can transform your ideas into reality.

Replacement Windows & Doors Design Service

With many years of expertise in the industry, our sales team is well-equipped to discuss any changes or customisations you might wish to make to your window and door designs as part of your home improvement journey. They will ensure your goals are suitable and address any specific requests or questions you may have. 

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Architectural Services for Self Builders

At Norscot, we have an experienced in-house design team dedicated to providing comprehensive architectural services tailored for self-builders. Our team is skilled in creating Design Concepts, Planning, and Building Warrant drawings, and we can manage the relevant applications on your behalf.

We pride ourselves on offering extensive support and guidance throughout your self-build project. From finding sites and estimating costs to discussing house designs and sourcing contractors, our sales and design teams are here to assist you at every stage. Feel free to contact us anytime for expert advice and support.

Virtual Tours & 360 Panorama View

To enhance your design experience, Norscot integrates Virtual Reality and 360-degree panoramic visualisations into our process. This technology allows you to view accurate, graphic representations of your home design on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Interactive Virtual Reality Walkthrough

Traditional methods like floor plans, 3D renderings, and models sometimes fall short in conveying a complete idea of your space. Our VR services overcome this limitation by immersing you in a fully interactive 3D environment. This immersive technology lets you explore a virtual representation of any room, floor, or building design, providing a realistic and engaging way to visualise your project.