Dont Take The Risk…

Insist on third part certification.

large-230710-Q-mark PVC windowNorscot PVCu windows are certified by BM TRADA Q-MARK. When purchasing PVCu windows ensure they are made to the highest level of quality possible. Don’t just rely on word of mouth check for 3rd party certification. Check out this link for a list of companies with 3rd party certification.

What is independant third party certification?

It is the 3rd party process of certifying that a manufacturer has undergone an appropriate appraisal to confirm their compliance with the performance aspect of a specification for a particular product or product range. With PVCu windows this is BS7412 Specification for windows and doorsets made from PVC-U and BS6375 Performance of windows and doors.

The benefits of independent third party certification.

  • It provides confidence in the manufacturers performance.
  • It provides confidence that the quality will be consistent at all times.
  • It reduces the risk of product failure.
  • It enables you to make a commercially sound investment in performance critical products.


BM TRADA Q-MARK is the brand name applied to the scheme operated by BM TRADA certification, one of the UK’s foremost certification bodies with over 35 years experience and accredited by UKAS since 1991.

BM TRADA Q-MARK is a quality mark awarded to a manufacturer of a product or range of products identifying the products as having been assessed against specified performance levels through independent accredited tests. It also shows that every product manufactured will offer the same level of performance through integration with an approved Quality Management Scheme. Continuous performance and production are also checked through regular audit testing and inspections.

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