Go Green Feature

large-230812-Gogreen.bmpWe recently had an eco-friendly article written in the Highland and Moray “Go Green” Magazine.

The article begins, ‘Norscot ECO windows, doors and kit homes are manufactured expertly in the far north of Scotland.

The ECO kit homes are made to specifications that exceed current building standards. The firm’s highly insulated, low carbon, timber frame kit homes are eco-friendly and designed to meet demands for fuel conservation and sustainability of the natural environment.’

It goes on to explain about our independent certification and standards and describes our commitment to providing exact specifications to meet customers requirements whether for windows, doors or house kits.

‘Norscot’s designers will accommodate your every wish, be it a variation on one of the wide range of standard kit homes or your own “grand designs” at no extra cost.’

The article concludes, ‘All windows and doors are high quality, made to measure, and available in a wide range of styles and any size within design parameters.

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New Century Publishing Group published the article.