Meet Team Norscot: Iain Polworth, Inverness Branch Manager

At Norscot, we take pride in our dedicated team members who drive our success. Today, find out more about Iain Polworth, our recently promoted Inverness Branch Manager, who has been an integral part of the company for over a decade.

Born and raised in Inverness, Iain has a deep connection to the local community. “I was born and raised in Inverness. Except for a four-year stint in Aberdeen after leaving school, I have lived in Inverness my entire life.”

Outside of work, he has been “known to watch the odd game of football.” As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional footballer, “like many young boys.”

A Rewarding Career Journey

Initially drawn to Norscot by the opportunity to further his career, Iain recalls, “I had just finished working at another window company when I was offered a job by then Managing Director, Callum Grant. He believed I could bring something valuable to Norscot, which was a great opportunity for me to further my career.”

A typical day for him starts with coordinating the day’s workforce and job schedules, followed by tackling emails and office responsibilities. He then moves on to surveying any jobs that require his attention and supervising or visiting ongoing contracts.

Embracing Challenges and Growth

One of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of his work at Norscot is the challenge of securing and completing complex contracts. He takes great pride in securing larger, long-term engagements that allow for a deeper involvement with clients.

Recently promoted, Iain is excited about the new perspectives and challenges that come with his new role. “Since my promotion, I have been exposed to different aspects of the business beyond surveying windows and doors. This new perspective has brought new challenges and opportunities, which I find very exciting. I am enthusiastic about the company’s future growth and direction.”

Industry Insights

When it comes to the future of the construction and home improvement industries, our Branch Manager believes “the industry is on the rise as more people seek to make their homes more thermally efficient and modern. Additionally, the demand for new builds to address the current housing crisis will drive industry growth.

Personal Insights

When it comes to his favourite cuisine, “I’m very partial to a chicken curry, but it’s hard to beat a good steak.”

And his most memorable travel destination: “The Maldives – a stunning place with superb beaches and a way of life totally different from anywhere else.”

If he could have any superpower, he says he would choose the ability to see into the future, allowing him to guide people in the right direction – a testament to his commitment to helping others and making a positive impact.

We’re proud to have such a dedicated and experienced professional leading our Inverness team. Stay tuned to meet more members of our team who make Norscot a trusted name in the home improvement and self-build industries.