Mr A Gunn, Newton of Swiney, Lybster, Caithness

Client: Mr A Gunn

Site: Newton of Swiney, Lybster

Years(s): 2014-2018

Main Contractor: Variety of local tradesmen

Total Floor Area: 169m2 (Approx.)

Total Build Cost (excluding land & VAT): £210,000 (Approx.)

Cost per m2: £1,147.54 (Approx.)

Mr Gunn spent his childhood growing up in the town of Lybster. Although he lived away in Aberdeen for some years, Lybster was always his home, and when he acquired a big plot of land he knew right away that he wanted to self-build there. The piece of land was previously owned by his grandparents, who lived in the house next door, which made the location even more nostalgic to him.

Mr Gunn browsed a number of companies before settling on Norscot to supply his timber frame kit. He chose Norscot as they not only offered the best price but also because they manufactured eco-kits which was something he was eager to use for the build.

He stated, “Norscot have a good name and are a local company who employ local people – which is something I find very important to support.”

The initial plans for the house were a lot different than how the house actually turned out. Mr Gunn had a lot of problems at the planning stages of the build and was almost giving up on the project when Norscot’s technical director, Jason Fraser, stepped in and took control. Mr Gunn admits that the build would not have gone ahead if it weren’t for Jason’s help, which he defines as “Above and beyond”.

Although the house is a lot bigger than Mr Gunn first anticipated, he is thrilled with the completed project and says people have been full of compliments for his new home. He describes Norscot as “A great, friendly service from start to finish.” When asked whether he would recommend Norscot products and services to others he said he most definitely would.