Mrs Miller & Mr Bamfield, Upper Humster, Caithness

Client: Mrs Miller & Mr Bamfield

Site: Upper Humster, Caithness

Year(s): 2018

Main Contractor: Green and Cameron Ltd

Design: Jonathan Miller – NorCAD Design

Total Floor Area: 231m2

Total Build Costs (excluding land & VAT): £300,000.00 (Approx.)

Cost per m2: £1,298.00

Mrs Miller and her husband Mr Bamfield married in 2006 each owning their own separate homes.  Their future plan was to live together in a new home in the countryside.  They looked at many areas around Caithness before finally deciding on the plot at Upper Humster, Wick.  The location appealed to them due to its uninterrupted panoramic views of the nearby town of Wick.  They liked the fact that they were building in a quiet and secluded part of the countryside whilst still being within reasonable distance to the town and its local amenities.

The house was designed by Mrs Miller’s son Jonathan Miller of NorCAD Design.  It was important to Mrs. Miller that Jonathan’s design company was able to work very closely with Norscot when finalising the kit design and moving it through to production.  This allowed the whole process to move smoothly and with little delay.

When asked about her experience with Norscot Mrs Miller stated,

“Norscot made the whole build process very smooth and stress free, I could not recommend them enough to any other potential self-builders…”

Mrs Miller’s favourite part of her new home is how “light, open and airy it feels.”  This was achieved through the installation of large full drop windows around the house (pictured below) this allowed the home to be opened up to its beautiful surroundings, giving the house an abundance of natural light.  Mrs Miller also said that having an energy efficient home was very important to them. Therefore, working with Norscot’s eco-friendly structures really appealed to them.