“NEW” Norscot Home Design Service

large-041209-Norscot Design Service advertNorscot has been around for over 25 years and designed over 700 homes for customers throughout the Highlands of Scotland and beyond.  Rightly acknowledged as one of the best timber frame kit manufactures in the UK, by self-build and trade customers alike, our credentials and build standards are exemplary.

From the beginning Norscot has had it’s own in-house design team. Design team members now include a senior architect, a quantity surveyor, architectural technicians and specialist timber frame technologists. Together with independent structural and service engineers, they provide a unique computer aided design capability. Now, we are offering this considerable experience and expertise to a wider audience.

If you, or a customer of yours, is planning to build a new house, be it timber frame or masonry construction, the Norscot Home Design service is not to be overlooked. Our design approach aims to create not only attractive homes (inside and out) but also exceptional value for money. Understanding, as we do, how rooms and circulation spaces should interlink for maximum utilisation ensures no wasted space and, consequently, no wasted money.

More importantly, upcoming building regulation proposals related to climate change and the proposed reduction in carbon emissions have already been embraced, allowing us to offer future proofed energy saving design options. This means you and your customers can benefit from the latest environment friendly and sustainable technologies, thereby increasing the long-term value of the homes we design.

Please contact Jason on 01955 641 303 for further information on how Norscot can provide a full drawing service for your proposed new home.