Norscot in the Community: Phoebe Strachan

We were delighted to support talented local surfer, and current three times Scottish Women’s Champion, Phoebe Strachan as she headed off to take part in an international competition in Cornwall this summer.

Currently ranked number 5 in the UK, Phoebe has been on the Scottish Surf Team since 2014 and has represented Scotland at the World and European Championships many times in places such as Peru and Morocco.

On the support provided by Norscot, she says:

“I have a busy competition schedule coming up over the next few months. Everything is self-funded so your support means a lot as it really helps me to be able to push myself to the next level to attend these international competitions where I am often surfing against professional surfers who get paid to attend.”

Phoebe was one spot off qualifying for the British Team last year which provides the opportunity to attend the Olympics so she hopes to make the team this year!

Phoebe recently joined a local building contractor Sutherland Construction on a 2-year Joinery Apprenticeship. She joined the Sutherland Construction team just as a recent timber frame house kit designed, manufactured and delivered by Norscot reached its final stages onsite in Keiss.

Phoebe says “I am lucky to get to do a wide range of work with Sutherland Construction and really appreciate the opportunity Paul has given me.”