Norscot makes new appointment to facilitate the design of ‘Future-Defining’ products

Norscot has appointed Carla Resendiz-Villasenor as Product Development Manager to drive the vision and product development strategic plan.

For the last three years, Carla has worked at Norscot as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) in conjunction with Teeside University. Running since 1975, the KTP scheme connects forward-thinking businesses with the UK’s world-class knowledge bases to help businesses innovate for growth.

As KTP Associate at Norscot, Carla worked with a range of stakeholder groups to develop a new house kit range that could adapt to the challenges of ageing in place with a human-centred approach. Norscot’s WellBe Homes range was launched in September 2021.

As is implied by the name, these homes prioritise wellbeing; offering better accessibility, storage, plenty of natural light and easy contact with the outdoors.  Strategically placed reinforced walls and ceiling structures allow the home to be adapted to suit as lifestyles change.

During her KTP project, Carla was awarded the Future Leader Award at the Innovate UK KTP, Best of the Best Awards in 2021 for her outstanding work on the WellBe Homes by Norscot project. These awards recognise the people and partnerships behind the UK’s most inspiring and successful KTP projects.

Initially, Carla will be focusing on analysing and improving user experience, conceiving new features and facilitating the design process to take Norscot’s new products and services from ideation to product-market fit.

“I’m excited to start this new role and work across the full range of Norscot products. We have already envisioned new milestones to achieve!” says Carla.

Callum Grant, Norscot Managing Director, said: “We are delighted Carla has taken on the product development manager role where her skills will drive our product development strategy forward to meet the needs of our customers.”