Perception of Plastic is a Priority for Local Firm

large-220609-Criag Cormack photo
Hard at work is Craig Cormack, Fabriction Technician with Norscot, who has been with the company for over 13 years

Norscot has proved that when it comes to being green, plastic can be fantastic.

The overuse of plastic in our everyday lives is a major issue for businesses these days, demonstrated by the shift away from plastic carrier bags to multi-use biodegradable material bags.

Norscot is arguing that plastic can be used for windows and doors as a viable and sustainable alternative to materials such as timber.

Norscot has been supplying plastic (PVC) products for 20 years and is promoting PVC as a long-term solution for energy efficiency.

In partnership with PVC extruder Veka, Norscot has launched a campaign to promote PVCs positive properties and change peoples perceptions.

A lot of people are under the impression that the only environmentally friendly, sustainable material is timber. PVC is all around us and, despite the common misconception it is not particularly harmful to the environment.As a raw material, PVC is simply 57 per cent common salt and 43 per cent oil, which are both natural resources.

Norscot hopes to change peoples views about PVC and work with local councils and housing associations to produce more cost-effective, sustainable products for housing.