Unlike some suppliers we don’t offer multiple kit packages with differing specifications. This is simply too confusing. We offer just one package which is the best we can, for a price which, whilst not necessarily the cheapest, we believe offers best value for money.

Although we anticipate most customers opting for the single skin timber frame external wall construction specified here, it is entirely feasible to add a cavity and an extra external brick, rendered block, stone, etc. skin around this timber frame skin.

Similarly, although our preference is for either a horizontal larch lap board or render finish to the timber frame skin, other finishes such as larch horizontal shiplap, vertical channelled / board on board cladding, western red cedar horizontal shiplap and vertical channelled cladding, tile/slate hanging and profiled metal sheeting are acceptable alternatives.

Some alternative external finishes will necessitate modifications to the roof line at the eaves and up the verges, so it is important that the external finishes are determined and fixed early in the design process.